Massage Techniques & Energy Modalities

MASSAGE: “Treatment-based techniques, outcome-driven practice”
Myofascial Release (MFR)
Trigger Point thearpy
Deep Tissue
Spontaneous Muscle Release Treatment (SMRT)
Injury & accident treatment

Licensed in WA since 2011

ENERGY: Intuitive, bioenergy-based practices
Reiki Master
Advanced Pranic Healer
Aura, Chakra, Meridian clearing & balancing
Crystal therapy, quantum-based touch
Guided breath work to release tension
Sound/Vibration techniques

Practicing and pursuing since 2000

Medical Massage:

  • Massage techniques only
  • Focus on injury treatment and related structures
  • Intake/Evaluation is included in treatment time
  • Prescription or referralĀ  required
  • Standard rates; payment arrangements available

Holistic Wellness Session:

  • Whole-body treatment with limited focus areas
  • Mix of massage and energy techniques
  • Holistic focus promotes stress reduction & relaxation using a mix of massage and energy
  • Payment required at time of service; discounts off standard rates.


A credit card must be on file for all appointments.

Medical Massage

Standard Pricing

$40.00 per 15-minute unit
(e.g., $160/hour)

Holistic Wellness Session

Mix of Massage & Energy

12.5% off 60 minutes ($140 total)

20% off 75 minutes ($160 total)

25% off 90 minutes ($180 total)

Discounts & Extras

Discounts for same-day payments:

Grand-Opening Discount: $20 off any session 60-min or longer (valid through 11/30/23; requires same-day payment)

Card Processing fee: 1.5%

Mobilization charge: $30 (within 20 miles of office; 75-minute minimum session length)